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Ad Title - Panty Wearing Couple Seeks Others
Ad Description - We are a married white couple, she's 34 and I?m 37. We are both in good shape and height & weight proportionate. I like to wear panties and enjoy wearing panties, lingerie, pantyhose, stockings, heels etc. I am bi and versatitle, and enjoy giving and receiving oral and anal. My wife enjoys me wearing panties and lingerie and enjoys picking out what I will wear each day. We are seeking other men into wearing panties, my wife enjoys seeing men dressed in panties and lingerie and we both enjoy being with men who wear panties. We have enjoyed this for many years now and enjoy making new friends who also enjoy wearing panties together with eachother and others. Please note that yes we are a real couple and please only reply if you are into wearing panties also.

Ad Title - Married Couple With Panty Wearing Husband
Ad Description - We are a married couple with a bi male. He is into wearing panties, and enjoys wearing all types of panties and lingerie. We are looking for others that are into wearing panties.

Ad Title - Panty Couple With Bottom Husband
Ad Description - We are a couple seeking panty males or other couples into panties. We are both in our mid 30?s, average weight. Husband is a panty bottom. Must be disease free as we are both disease free.

Ad Title - Husband Likes To Wear Panties
Ad Description - My husband likes to wear panties and has always wanted to get together with another male who also enjoys wearing panties. I enjoy seeing my husband in panties as well as seeing other guys in panties. We have yet to make our fantasy into reality but we both want to make it happen. My husband has always enjoyed me using a strapon or dildo on him and he wants to experience the real thing, and I have had fantasies of seeing him with another guy in panties. We are in our 40?s, good looking and in shape. Husband enjoys wearing all types of panties and has his own collection. We are drug and disease free and expect the same. Please only serious replies from other men wearing panties.

Ad Title - Couple With Bi Panty Husband
Ad Description - Hi all, 33f here with a 32m bi panty wearing husband.. I am dominant, he is submissive. Husband is into wearing panties and enjoys wearing frilly panties while I take him with my strapon. Looking to make friends with others who are into panty wearing.

Ad Title - Couple Into Wearing Panties Together
Ad Description - We are a 30 something couple that is into wearing panties together. He's an occasional panty wearer, and would like to explore wearing panties more. I enjoy seeing him wearing panties as well as seeing other men wearing panties. We have never met with anyone before and are looking to make friends with those into wearing panties. We are both bicurious, and drug and disease free. Please only respond if you enjoy wearing panties also.

Ad Title - My Husband Enjoy Wearing Panties
Ad Description - We're rather inexperienced except for with each other and have played some fantasies but now many of our fantasies would require another person or two. I'd love to watch a few men in panties do naughty things to each other for my pleasure before I allow them to pleasure me! My husband enjoys dressing up in panties and enjoys me using my strapon on him but we have both had fantasies of playing with another, like I said I would enjoy seeing my husband playing with another male in panties and then having them pleasure me. We are in our late 30?s and are drug and disease free, and YES we are REAL. Please only respond if you enjoy wearing panties and please have your own to wear.

Ad Title - Panty Couple Seeking Panty Wearing Guys
Ad Description - Attractive couple seeking guys in panties for good times. She is 30 curvy and likes to use her strapon. I am 35 average weight and I enjoy wearing panties. Wife really gets turned on by guys in panties and has expressed that she would like to have a 3some with me and another guy in panties. Please only respond if you are into wearing panties.

Ad Title - Want To Find Others Into Wearing Panties
Ad Description - Have been wearing panties for many years and wife has always been accepting of it, and has always enjoyed seeing me in sexy pantie. I know what a lucky guy I am your thinking, but to be honest there are more woman out there than you think that do enjoy a man wearing panties so don?t give up hope of finding one. Back to what we are looking for, we are looking to expand our enjoyment of panty wearing, looking to meet with other males in panties for shopping, discussion, fantasies and eventually some bedroom fun. We are in our 30?s, wife is curvy and I am average, and we both are drug and disease free. So if you a guy into panties and looking to explore with a couple contact us.
Ad Title - Dominant Wife Looking
Ad Description - My husband and i are looking for a friend to come over and enjoy our company. My husband is submissive and enjoys wearing panties. Myself i am dominant and enjoy using a strapon on him and have fantasies of watching him with another guy in panties. We are in our mid 40?s and are drug and disease free. We are hoping to meet new friends into wearing panties and exploring this lifestyle. Please note that YES we are REAL and that wife only wants to watch and not participate in sexual situations but will be in the room.

Ad Title - Curious Couple Into Wearing Panties
Ad Description - We are a curious married couple in our early 40?s, husband likes to wear panties. We are seeking other males who like to wear panties for friendship. We will respond to all that respond to our ad.

Ad Title - Panty Wearing Boyfriend
Ad Description - We are seeking others who enjoy wearing panties. We are in our late 20?s both with average bodies. Looking to explore boyfriends panty wearing with others who have boyfriends who wear panties, or single men in panties.Would like to find others who are as curious as we are about meeting others who wear panties. We are a real couple, male and female, please only reply if you are a couple into panties or a guy wearing panties.

Ad Title - Bi Panty Couple
Ad Description - Bi-couple looking for panty wearing contacts to meet and hopefully enjoy some fun together. We are looking for bisexual contacts as we BOTH are. My husband is a bi panty wearer and I've watched him with a few other bi panty guys and want to watch him again, I'm bi and over the years have had loads of threesomes, now we want to try something new. We are both in our late 40's and are drug and disease free and are into most kinky things except bondage. Get in touch and lets take it from there.

Ad Title - Panty Wearing Couple Seeking Panty Wearers
Ad Description - Hi everyone, we are a young panty wearing couple in our mid 20?s and we both love to dress satin panties. We enjoy wearing just about anything and enjoy seeing each other in various things.We often wear each others clothing, along with sharing each other partners as well. Looking for like-minded panty wearers for exploring, good times, and lots of GREAT sex.

Ad Title - Dominant Woman With Panty Wearing Man
Ad Description - I am a dominant woman who loves to dress my submissive panty husband in sexy panties. We enjoy going shopping for new panties and its such a turn on knowing what panties he is wearing under his man clothes. As soon as we get home we always have a hot panty sex session together, trying on all the new panties we bought, the sales clerk always wonder why two different sizes, some of them know and some do not understand. We just enjoy wearing panties together and yes I also enjoy using a strapon on my husband when he is dressed in sexy panties. We are seeking other men in panties for shopping adventours and bedroom adventours.

Ad Title - Panty Hubby And Bi Wife
Ad Description - We are a REAL couple, yes let me say it again we are REAL. We are in our early 30?s and I enjoy wearing panties, my wife is supportive with my panty wearing in fact she is really into me wearing sexy panties, and we often go shopping together. She has expressed that we should take it to the next level and meet with other males in panties for good times, and bedroom exploration. Please only respond if you are into wearing panties.

Ad Title - Couple Seeking Other For Kinky Times
Ad Description - If you're into wearing panties and looking to satisfy an urge, fulfill a fantasy, enjoy some kink then this couple is seeking you. We are looking males in panties for drama free naughty fun. Husband likes to wear panties and is curious about exploring wearing panties with other guys, wife enjoys seeing mens bulges in silky panties. We are inexperienced but have lots of fantasies. We are only looking for other men in panties, so please be into wearing panties. Wife is 32 curvy and can be dominent, husband is 36 and is curious about sucking and anal. Lets explore together, not looking for those that are pushy.

Ad Title - Panty Couple Looking For More Fun
Ad Description - This is our second ad, first let me say thanks to all that responded to our first ad and who have commented on the pictures of me and my husband in panties we have posted. We both get turned on knowing others excited viewing our panty play pictures. We are looking to explore again with other guys in panties, we had so much fun with the guys in panties we met from our first ad. We might even be up for a group panty wearing event, now that would be fun. Hope to hear from you.

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