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The following stories and advice are from couples wearing panties and men wearing panties. As you will see there are many successuful stories about telling your wife you wear panties or telling your girlfriend you enjoy wearing panties and how its changed and taken their sexual lives to new levels. These are just a few out of the thousands and thousands of stories and advice messages from panty wearing couples and panty wearing men who are apart of this growing panty community.

I fall into the category of having a girlfriend that likes me to wear panties. About half of my panties are from her. We now keep all our panties in the same drawer. I pick hers, she picks mine. She loves to fuck me with a strap on. Sometimes behind me holding my hips, sometimes on my back with my legs in the air, but my favorite position is her on her back me on top riding up and down on her cock and her jacking me off on her tits. I can squirt buckets of cum like that because I can control the motion of the cock in my ass.

I first moved into the apartment that I am living in now. The occupant of the apartment that was directly across from me was a lady that was a few years older than me. We became pretty good friends and she would often ask me to come over, just to visit. She never hesitated in giving me several good up-skirt shots of her panties and I was surprised by what she wore. They were sexy, lacy things that you would expect a younger woman to wear or they would be satin or nylon. One evening, she was sitting across from me and I had seen lots of panties that particular evening. Every shot that I got, I could tell that they were getting wetter the longer the evening progressed. I finally couldn't restrain myself any longer and asked her if she had any thing special in mind for the evening. She responded by telling me that she would love to have sex with me. I wasn't the least surprised. It was such pleasure to be able to feel of her wet panties. Needless to say the rest of that evening is history. For a good year, we would get together one evening of the week and have lots of fun. She would let me wear her panties when we got together and I purchased several pair of new ones to surprise her with when I went calling on her. Unfortunately, she moved to live with her daughter, but parting was so nice because she gave me several pair of her panties as a remembrance. I still have them and from time to time, I refresh the fragrance of them with her favorite perfume.

Last night we went to bed, the wife told me she wasn't in the mood for anything but would rub my back since it hurt from lifting stuff earlier in the day. Well, I rolled onto my stomach wearing nothing but Hanes Her Way Body Creations full briefs. My wife got on top of me and started rubbing my back then surprised me by grinding against me. Then she told me to roll over, when I asked why, she said that my sexy white panties had turned her on and she wanted me. I thought she was just trying to make me happy but she told me that they REALLY did turn her on and that I had to wear them more often. Needless to say we had a wonderful night!

A few weeks ago I had told my soon to be wife about a dream I had where in it I was standing in front of her wearing purple lace panties, In my dream I could feel the heat from her hand as she carressed the front of my panties. I was totally suprised when on the 24th of December she handed me a gift box & when I opened it there were the purple panties from my dream. I was a little embarest standing in front of her holding "my" new panties. In a soft voice she told me, everyones fantacy should come true. I hugged her close & thanked her. While putting on my PJs I got my new panties & put them on, my cock started growing I rubbed my hand on the front of my purple lace panties & I now had a full hard erection. I finished getting ready for bed & waited for the love of my life to join me. We made love while I wore my new panties & yes I did get to feel her warm hands on the front of my panties.

wife and i had some fun xmas nite, we both got panties for each other, made me put them on, after she got out of the shower, i was waiting in my panties, i just pushed her back on the bed, lifted her legs up, and licked the front of her panties, wow she was dripping, i pulled them to one side to lick her clit, which was very hard, she was squessing my cock in my blue panties, her pussy was leaking into her panties, she slipped my cock out, and guided me to fuck her, wow she was so silky smooth in there, when i came she was playing with my balls, still in my panties, i finnished her with her fav rabbit.

I think my wife has a bigger panty fetish than me. She loves it when I steal panties from her friends and she loves having them over her face sniffing and licking them while I fuck her. I love to watch her spit a load of my cum into her friends gstring, then she takes them back next visit. She also insists that I wear her girlfriends dirty panties and she enjoys licking my cock through them and tasting her girlfriends juices, like I said I think my wife has a bigger panty fetish than me.

My wife has been great the past couple weeks of my hinting around that I want to start wearing her panties. I've always slipped them on while she is gone but never in front of her. So, I told her one day that there was an actual 'swap undies with your spouse day' and she loved the idea. Thought it was cute. We've been planning on doing it this week as I said that the 26th was the date.

Then yesterday we were at the mall and had some time to kill and walked past Victoria's Secret. I made a 'joke' of saying she should go there and buy us some matching pairs of panties for our day. Expecting to be laughed at, she said 'that's a good idea'....and promptly went in and bought 4 pairs on sale for $20. She bought us both a pink and grey boyshort with a bow on the front and also a green and blue wide-side lace thong. I was blown away!!!

So Monday we will be wearing our matching panties. Could this be the beginning of panties 24/7 for me??? Who knows.

Well after finding this great community, and reading through the stories and messages I finally got the nerve to tell my fiance. I was so nervous but didnt want to have to sneak around. I told her last night and explained how comfortable they were and what a turn on it was for me. I was so shocked that she was not upset. She was very understanding, and after a long talk she wanted me to model some of the panty's that I own. I felt such a relief that i didn't have to hide this anymore. It was also a big plus to let the cat out of the bag per say because now I can sleep in them next to her. I even told her how some women even buy them for there men and she was excited about doing that for me. The only downside was she got a little sad because as a normal woman she is so critical of her own body and she thought that I looked better in panty's then she did. After some reasurance that i thought she looked beautiful in her panty's and that I loved her so much it was much better. I am so excited that now i can wear them all the time and don't have to worry about getting caught, or her finding them and thinking something else.

I let my wife know several years ago right after she had bought some Danskin panties. I loved the feel so much that when I had gotten her so wet from the foreplay I asked her if I could try them on and see how they felt. She readily agreed and when I got even harder than I was already she agreed to go buy me my own the next day. I am comfortable with myself that I wear panties nearly 24/7 now. She enjoys my satin ones in the bed over my cotton and/or lace.

My wife loves my panties, thinks they're very sexy. We shop together, buy online or share each others panties. We usually have sex in panties. We have matching panties. We've been married 29 years. Best friends. She knows I'm apart of this community and she visits the site with me often and enjoys chatting with other guys that wear panties and other couples that wear panties.

My wife suprised me while we were shopping at victoria secrets she told the sales clerk we are shopping for him and he will need to use the fitting room if that is ok she told us more men than you would think do try on. My wife and the sales gal picked out a few panties for me to try on. This was like some fantasy I have always dreamed of and it became a reality, it was a huge turn on I had a hard time keeping my hard on from showing I almost lost a nut right there If you havent tried this yet just go for it you will love the experience.

Came out to my girlfriend by asking her if I could have a pair of her panties to take with me on a road trip. She agreed only if I would return them and bring her a surprise. I agreed and did just that. The surprise was when she asked me where her panties were, I showed her what the surprise was that I had brought her. It was me, wearing her panties. Needless to say, I was horny and her seeing me with her panties on, got her hot. The sex was great. Now that she knows I love to wear panties I'm not shy about being around her when I have them on. I'm a 24/7/365 wearer and I have her support in my likes. We share panties since we wear the same size.

These guys have sound advice. My wife is ultraconservative, but she is really cool about my panties. The first time I wore them when we were fooling around in the living room in bright light. I was really nervous, but the thought of exposing myself to her wearing her panties made me really excited too. First she unzipped my pants and put her hand in to stroke me. Then she got curious about what she felt and undid my pants. I was nervous but rock hard. She looked kind of surprised, but I think the sight of me wearing her panties aroused her too. She was fine with it and we've had great sex ever since with both of us wearing panties. It feels so good to slide against her, and it turns her on too. She even buys me panties and insists I wear them.

My wife has always loved to be rubbed from the time we started dating till after we were married she was always putting my hand down on her crotch. One night we were in bed playing around and she was getting horny and started rubbing my cock dry. Oh I said stop. She put her hand inside her satin panties and started rubbing her satin panty over my hard cock, yes that feels better. I said you rubbing me with your panties feels so good, can you put a pair of panties on me, she went to her drawer and brought back a blue nylon bikini slipped it over my feet and pulled it up to my waist and said you can finish putting them on. I did and she rubbed me through those blue bikinis until I filled them with hot jism. I got up a showered in them, washed them on me and hung them to dry. They were dry by morning so I threw them in my drawer after showering for work. That night after work I came home showered and put on those blue panties. I started wearing them every night and she would just rub me until I came in them and I would shower wearing them and wash them for the next time. One night I asked for another pair to sleep in, she went to her drawer and brought back a white nylon bikini, she pulled them over my feet and over me knees and said pull them on the rest of the way. I did and they felt great. I was getting hard and she put her hand over on my cock and started to rub, I enjoyed her giving me a panty job, and while she was giving me a panty hand job I was rubbing her pussy through her panties, her panties were getting really wet, she reached over took my free hand that was by my side and put it right on my cock and started moving my hand up and down the shaft, she said here you can help with your panty handjob. Her one hand went down her pantied crotch then her other hand was caressing her breast, I almost lost it. I was so caught up in watching her I had stopped rubbing myself, she looked over and I pretended to be rubbing and after a few minutes she asked aren't you done yet? She slid her hand over and began to rub me through my panties and then bent down and kissed the head right through the white panties I was wearing. After a few more minutes which I really wanted to last longer I could not help but to fill those panties with my cum. After I was all wet she rolled on top of me and started grinding her wet pantied crotch over my shrinking cock. I got up completly drained and took a shower in my panties, this pair I kept and wore very often. That was our first mutual panty play and it was something I will never forget.

Those were just a few of the thousands and thousands of stories and advice from other couples wearing panties, and men wearing panties who have told there wifes or girlfriends that they enjoy wearing panties.

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