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Features couples who enjoy wearing panties. You'll see that there are many couples that enjoy wearing panties together.

Ever tried on your wifes panties or girlfriends panties, they feel good don't they, there is just something about it that gets you extra hard. There are many woman out there who enjoy seeing there man wearing womans panties.

So how do these lucky guys meet these woman who enjoy seeing men in panties. Its not as much to do with luck as one thinks, there are lots of woman out there who really do like seeing guys in panties, seeing how the panties cling to his cock, the way he reacts when he puts on panties, the way he reacts when she touches him in panties. Its simple most woman enjoy turning on there partner and seeing him excited and happy. The problem is that most guys who wear panties feel they need to hide that they wear womans panties from there wife or girlfriend when in fact most woman would be comfortable with there man wearing panties, and yes even turned on by seeing a guy in panties. It comes down to open and honest communication.

So why does your husband wear panties or your boyfriend wear panties, so why do guys wear panties? There could be many reasons why men wear panties and the reasons why guys wear panties are different for all men who wear panties, but none should get your panties in a bunch, just listen to him. Many men wear panties simply because they like the differences in fabrics, cuts and styles. Many guys wear panties because it increases their sexual desire. Simply put men wear panties because it turns them on, just as seeing a woman in panties turns them on, many men are simply turned on by panties either seeing a woman wearing panties or wearing wives panties or wearing girlfriends panties. And what a TURN ON for a guy who wears panties to be wearing wifes panties with her also in panties, or wearing girlfriends with her also in panties, both in panties together, most call it panty play, so try some panty play with your panty wearing men and you will see it will increase your stimulation as well.

Couples wearing panties is a site for both couples who wear panties and single men wearing panties. Its a community were you can meet couples in panties and men in panties. At couples wearing panties you can get advice from couples in panties on how to tell your wife you wear panties or tell your girlfriend you wear panties. Its also a place where you can meet couples wearing panties who want to meet with other couples in panties or men wearing panties. Try finding a couple in panties that is looking for other men in panties on other dating sites, not going to happen. But our site is different, its an exclusive community for couples in panties and men in panties, with much, much, much more than just personal ads, thats only a portion of the site.

Many of you may not even be looking to meet a couple in panties in person, you just enjoy seeing pictures of couples in panties or movies of couples in panties, or reading stories about couples in panties and their panty play and encounters with other couples in panties or men in panties. You will be amazed as there are plenty of pics of couples in panties and videos of couples in panties to enjoy, and increasing by the day. Couples in panties from around the world post there pictures, movies and stories and share advice with others through messages and also via our chat rooms. Yes you can chat with couples into wearing panties, men wearing panties and yes even wives or girlfriends who enjoy chatting with men in panties while the husband or boyfriend is away. Couples wearing panties is a panty wearing community, we hope that you become apart of this ever growing community.
So you found out your husband wears panties or that your boyfriend wears panties. First of all many guys wear panties. Studies have shown that most men have tried on wifes panties or tried on girlfriends panties. And studies also show that more and more men wear panties on a daily basis. And studies show that most men who wear panties are straight married men, or in a serious relationship. And studies show that men in panties come from all walks of life, jobs and ages. Men wearing panties has nothing to do with his masculinity and does not make him less of a man. Its just a choice. And many woman do support that there husband wears panties or that there boyfriend wears panties. In fact many woman enjoy seeing their husband wearing panties or their boyfriend wearing panties, and many woman express that finding out there husband likes wearing panties or that their boyfriend likes wearing panties has taken there sexual lives to a new level.

Couples wearing panties has many different sexual orientation panty wearing couples and panty wearing men that are apart of this panty wearing community. Couples wearing panties includes straight panty wearing couples, bi curious panty wearing couples, bisexual panty wearing couples, straight men wearing panties, bicurious guys wearing panties, bisexual males wearing panties, and gay panty wearing men. This community is for anyone who enjoys wearing panties, and enjoy couples wearing panties and that is why we are made up of such a variety of panty wearers.

Surveys have shown that more and more couples have both partners who are bicurious or bisexual. For many years it used to be couples having threesomes and bringing another woman into play with a bicurious wife or bisexual wife now couples are having threesomes and bringing another man into play with a bicurious husband or bisexual husband. This new trend is very popular, as is the case with many bicurious panty wearing couples or bisexual panty wearing couples looking for other panty wearing men to join them in their panty play.

As you will find out in this community, more and more couples wear panties together and enjoy playing in panties together in the bedroom. They enjoy talking with and getting together with other couples in panties, and other men wearing panties. They also enjoy posting movies, stories and pictures, so you will find lots of couples in panties pictures, couples in panties movies and stories about couples in panties. You will also find lots of men wearing panties pictures and men wearing panties movies and we do hope that you post some of yourself in your collection of panties.

If your a guy wearing panties and you have not told your wife or girlfriend that you enjoy wearing panties, couples wearing panties can definitely help. You can gain lots of knowledge from others in the panty wearing community, whether it be from panty wearing couples or from other men in panties who have told there wife or girlfriend they enjoy wearing panties. You can interact with other couples wearing panties and other men wearing panties to help ease your nervousness, and get help from them via chat and messages. Learn how other panty wearing guys have went from wearing alone to now enjoying wearing panties with there wife or wearing panties with their girlfriend. What a relief it is to be able to tell your wife or girlfriend that you like wearing panties. You to can become a panty couple, just like many other panty couples who have found enjoyment in wearing together.

So whether you are a panty wearing couple, a guy who enjoys panty couples, a guy wearing panties, or a guy who wants to tell his wife or girlfriend he wears panties and start enjoying wearing with her, this is a wonderful, growing panty wearing community to be apart of.

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